Monday, 24 November 2008

Wrapped and Encased: an exhibition of envelopes as containers and messengers curated by Sophie Loss and Mary Yacoob

This exhibition was at the entrance to the book fair and contained the works of over 50 artists who responded to an open call of the theme. The curation of the exhibition took a very considered and sensitive approach to these often slight but fascinating pieces, allowing the viewer to move between the works at their own pace.

Performances took place within the exhibition by Sara Dell Onze and a drawing work by Jane Grisewood and Carali McCall.

Video of the exhibition edited by Sara Dell Onze

Images below are all used with the kind permission of Barry Hobson, one of the artists in Wrapped and Encased. More images of the exhibition can be viewed at:

Commissions 2008: Rose Smith

Rose Smith made a multiple work in an edition of 30.
The Secret Projects: Liverpool Pennies was made up of a small envelope containing objects for your perusal (I don't want to give too much away here!). Each multiple also contains a secret compartment with a special present for you.

Rose also brought with her to the bookfair a variety of engraved pennies, some making the Queen considerably more decorated and others with text and gleeful defacings. On Sunday night after the bookfair I had the pleasure of helping Rose scatter 100 engraved pennies through Liverpool - so keep your eye out for something special on the street!!

The Secret Projects: Liverpool Pennies can be bought by contacting

Commissions 2008: Elizabeth Willow

Elizabeth Willow produced an inkjet printed book

The Birds of the British Isles and Their Eggs: A Small Collection of Tales

comprising stories and drawings about the yearning to fly by the artist, printed in an edition of 49.

During the book fair weekend, Elizabeth did hourly readings from the book and people scooted up on cushions and teeny stools to listen in - it was like being 5 again. The books is priced at £14 and can be bought by contacting

Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Emily Speed - 07970 212 176

Monday, 10 November 2008

Tim Machin

Tim Machin studied at the Ruskin School of Fine Art, University of Oxford (1996-1999) and Wimbledon School of Art (2001-2002). Shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize (2001) and Becks Futures (2006), he won the Aspex Emergency2 prize and had a solo exhibtion at the Portsmouth-based gallery in 2007.

Tim Machin is represented by

Saturday, 8 November 2008

How to find us

Wolstenholme Projects is just off the main shopping streets in Liverpool and between FACT and The Bluecoat. A map of the venue with some other useful places can be found HERE.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Almost here...

The Artists' Book Fair is almost here and we are very excited here at Wolstenholme Projects about the amount and quality of artists coming to Liverpool for the event.

We will be open
12 - 5 Saturday 15th November
11 - 4 Sunday 16th November

There will be performances taking place from 12 midday on Sunday.
Tea, cake, proper coffee and a friendly atmosphere also on offer.

Any questions about anything? Emily Speed - 07970 212 176 or email

Rose Smith

Rose Smith takes glee in finding everyday, 'pick-up-able' objects and changing them in subtle, subversive ways. By altering the objects (coins, sunglasses, inhalers, packaging) she hopes to give them a second life and allow their value or form to be reconsidered by those who find them.

The sunglasses shown here were part of a series of info-glasses left on park benches around Alexander Palace Boating Lake, each etched with historical or geographical facts about the lake itself.

New work will be made for the Liverpool Artists Book Fair, to include an edition of a new miniature multiple with accompanying bookwork

Tamarin Norwood

Tamarin Norwood uses language and objects to articulate the gap between the familiar and the unknown. Informed by her training in linguistics and translation, her works close in on this gap by disrupting their own narratives – videos with mismatched subtitles; translations that don't quite reach; books that neither begin or end; objects that look somehow out of place; lectures that refuse to make proper sense. Tamarin's work plays at keeping a distance while coaxing the viewer to delve inside and explore.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Jane Grisewood and Carali McCall

Performance work on Sunday 16th November from 12.00

‘Line Dialogues’ is a series of collaborative live performance drawings that explores notions of mark making, repetition and process. Grisewood and McCall, both research students in London at Central St Martins College of Art and Design, create large wall and floor drawings of different durations, marking time and challenging endurance, while responding to the mood, sounds and architecture of the space.