Monday, 24 November 2008

Commissions 2008: Elizabeth Willow

Elizabeth Willow produced an inkjet printed book

The Birds of the British Isles and Their Eggs: A Small Collection of Tales

comprising stories and drawings about the yearning to fly by the artist, printed in an edition of 49.

During the book fair weekend, Elizabeth did hourly readings from the book and people scooted up on cushions and teeny stools to listen in - it was like being 5 again. The books is priced at £14 and can be bought by contacting


Anonymous said...

This collection of tales had me laughing and crying - occasionally at the same time!

The passion that has gone into this book is obvious and the shorts are both insightful into the authors mind and the world they long to live in.

The quality of the print and manafacture is superior allowing the illistrations to be fully appreciated for what they are - snippets of fine art further further adding to the prose.

Emily Speed said...

I will pass your comments on to Elizabeth - I'm sure she will be glad to hear them!

Suseela Susiee said...

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